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OSHP: Fewer speeding tickets with speed limit increase

OSHP conducting a traffic stop. OSHP conducting a traffic stop.
BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Thespeed limit has increased on many interstates, and Ohio State Highway Patrolsays they've been handing out fewer speeding tickets.

Thelimit has increased to 70 miles per hour on many interstates, and some peoplethink that might mean more speeders, but OSHP has found the opposite.

Thenumber of tickets issued at the Bowling Green OSHP post from July throughSeptember of this year is down one percent compared to last year. Patrolmen saythat's a difference of about 30 tickets, and while that's not a dramaticdecrease, they say they've seen a difference in speeding.

"Ican tell you from myself working out there on the interstate, it's a littletougher to find people speeding now," said Lt. Jerrod Savidge.

Manypeople, including the patrolmen, say they were worried about speeders when the limitwas increased.

"Thatsurprises me," Briana Bauer said of the decrease in tickets. "I think theyshould be handing out more because people would be going faster."

Onenumber that has increased from last year is the number of people gettingarrested for driving under the influence.

"Thosearrests are actually up 49 percent for the same time period," Lt. Savidge said.

Patrolmensay they don't think people are driving slower, the speed limit increase justcaught up to the flow of traffic.

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