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Memorial's Rehab Unit hosts Halloween Palooza for patients


The rehab team at Memorial's Rehab Unit is having a little fun with Halloween, and their patients.

Some of the therapists put together a Halloween Palooza. It may appear to be a Halloween hop, with fun and games, costumes and candy, but it's really a training and therapy session for patients.

Ila Hinchberger, an occupational therapist in Memorial's Rehab Unit, thinks this Halloween Palooza is good for the patients.

"We spend a lot of time here at the Rehab Institute encouraging patients to become more independent with their mobility, their adl skills, so by adding this little bit of fun into it, it's a little bit different from the ordinary lifting weights, exercising. But they're really hard tasks for them to do while it is having fun too."

As part of the Halloween Palooza, there was an employee costume contest.

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