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Woman robbed at gunpoint speaks out


BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A night out in Birmingham turned scary for a group of people on Sunday. Police are looking for two men who robbed them while pointing guns at their heads.

Allison Thompson, thought she and her friends were being safe. They parked in well lit areas, walked in a group, but she says what they didn't notice were the two men who were watching the group's every move. "They told us to get against the wall and lineup," said Thompson.

It was early Sunday morning and Thompson and her three friends had just left 41st Street Pub in Avondale. They crossed the street and were almost to their car, when they saw two men walking towards them. "They didn't pull out their guns until about right here," said Thompson as she showed us where the robbery took place. "We couldn't run away because there was one behind us and one in front of us."

Thompson and her friends were ordered against a wall. And with guns pointed right at them, Thompson and her friends did what they were told. "If it wasn't to our heads, it was in our face," said Thompson about how the guns were pointed at them. "When they were getting the purse from my friend they had the gun on me."

Thompson said it ended quickly. "We went across to 41st Street Pub, they were super nice. They were the ones who called the cops. They stayed open to help us out a lot."

She knows telling her story will open herself up to scrutiny, but she decided to come forward so others can learn from her experience. "I don't want people to see this and think, 'oh, I can't go to Avondale.' It could easily happen in Five Points, Lakeview, walking to work, walking to dinner. I want them to hear this and have the take home message be 'wow, I need to be really safe, and I need to be vigilant where ever I go,'" said Thompson.

Police say the suspects were seen in a black 300 series Chrysler. If you saw this car in the Avondale area around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, call Birmingham Police.

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