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Editorial Salute - 10/31/13

October the 3rd was a great day: For the 3rd ID's 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, for the Army, and the nation, when, assembled-together, 84 soldiers from the 2nd took the oath to re-enlist.  There, on Cottrell Field, in the presence of family, friends and fellow soldiers, eighty-four men and women made the solemn-commitment to remain "Army Strong."  Once again, throughout our military branches, and from the very beginning, courageous Americans have stepped forward, placing service above self, to protect and defend our nation, a commitment for which we should all be grateful beyond words.  Re-enlistments, across the branches, are on-going, but to have that many soldiers, this time from Fort Stewart's Spartan Brigade, repeat that solemn oath, all at the same time, was truly special.

And welcome home to the soldiers of the 2nd Brigade's 92nd Engineer Battalion who've served bravely for many months in Afghanistan.  Please do remember that there are still well over two-thousand 3rd ID soldiers serving in that freedom-fight, venturing into harm's way, every day.  With hopes that most, if not all, can be safely back home in our midst, by or before Christmas.  What a treasured homecoming that would be………..

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