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Military families and homeschooling


There's been a growingtrend in recent years on military installations like Fort Benning: more parentsare opting to home school their children.

For military children,moving and changing schools is all too familiar, and adapting to those changescan be difficult – with the average military family moving every three years...

About three percent ofchildren are homeschooled in America, and an estimate by the Military ChildEducation Coalition estimates that about nine percent of military kids are homeschooled.

Tawanna Brown sayshome-schooling for military families offers more flexibility and control.

"You realize that youknow, we're going to be PCS'ing in a month maybe you speed it up a couple ofweeks before or you slow it down. It allows you to have more control," saidBrown. 

Children who are homeschooledat Fort Benning can join networks and groups so they can socialize with otherkids, share resources and experiences. They also take field trips andparticipate in group learning activities.

Brown challenges parentsto do their research before deciding to home school. It's a great option but it'snot free and there's a lot of involvement -- so take the time to make sure it'sthe best decision for the whole family.

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