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Boy injured in Harris County hay ride accident released from hospital

courtesy: Ellerslie VFD courtesy: Ellerslie VFD
courtesy: Ellerslie VFD courtesy: Ellerslie VFD

A 5-year-old Harris County boy is home after he was hurt when a Halloween hayride went wrong in Ellerslie on Thursday night.

News Leader 9 was the first to bring you the story last night.

The 5-year-old was lifeflighted to the Medical Center in Columbus after being run over during trick or treating. 

It began as a fun activity for the kids, and as the Ellerslie fire chief tells us, there's almost never a problem when families haul trick-or-treaters on homemade hay rides down wagon wheel drive, but this time was the exception.

It was a traumatic experience for the 5-year-old, especially on the one night he's allowed to eat his fill of candy and not get in trouble. But in the midst of his trick-or-treating excitement, he stumbled off the back of a homemade hayride trailer and rolled underneath a wheel.

"I mean, he was just in the mode where he was just 'candy!' You know, he was bee-lining for the door," said Chief Wyatt of the Ellerslie Fire Department.

Chief Wyatt was the first responder on scene and says it was tough fighting through the crowds of costumed children and their parents.

"There were people everywhere," said Chief Wyatt. "The little boy was lying on the trailer on his back, and one of the guys who was there was holding his spine until we could get there. One of my newest members of the department happens to be a nurse.  She was with me.  We assisted the little boy.  He had some minor scrapes, well, major scrapes."

And that's not all: a family friend says the boy suffered several broken ribs and broken fingers. 

"We loaded him on a backboard and we landed a helicopter out on 315 near Ridgeway Road," said Chief Wyatt. "Transported him to the Medical Center. Just to make sure, you know, he gets there as fast as we could.  That's the best way to get him there."

It was a horrible way to spend the night, separated from his friends on Halloween and instead of eating candy, he was dealing with painful injuries. But despite everything, the boy appeared to be in good spirits.

"Went down and saw him at the hospital. He was doing pretty good, cutting up at the hospital with all the nurses and stuff," said Chief Wyatt. "The last thing he said was, 'do ya'll want to spend the night?'  And I said, 'no, it would cost too much for us to spend the night.'  So he said, 'alright, well I'll see you later alligator.  And I said, 'I'll see you tomorrow when you get home."

Tonight, Nov. 1, the Ellerslie Fire Department says they're going to take the boy for a ride in a fire truck and give him a fire helmet full of candy. Even though he missed out on some trick-or-treating last night, he's definitely making up for it.

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