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Domestic Violence Awareness

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is when one family members tries to control another though physical, emotional, or sexual means. Domestic violence is about power and control. If you are being hit, beaten, raped, threatened, kept away from your friends, family, or home, you are being abused. Domestic violence can happen to people of all cultures, races, religions, income levels and ages. Abuse can come from your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or life partner.

It is not your fault.

Safety Tips:

Gather important papers(birth certificates, school and financial records, marriage license, etc.) in case you need to leave quickly. Decided when and where it will be safest to go before the situation gets worse. Store extra clothes with a trusted friend or neighbor. Hide extra car keys and money. Teach your children how to call for help.

SAFE Shelter and the SAFE Shelter Outreach Program provide services to victims of domestic violence, including emergency shelter, victim advocacy, case management services, information on victim's rights and a 24 hour crises line. All services are free and confidential.

SAFE Shelter will also help anyone regardless of immigration status. Illegal immigrants are protected under law.

Victims of Domestic Violence can contact:

SAFE Shelter 24 Hour Hotline 912-629-8888


SAFE Shelter Outreach Program 912-651-0004

3025 Bull Street, Savannah GA



Reported by: Nicole Teigen,


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