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Three men travel down East Coast to help fight cancer


The word "dedication" is not enough to describe the actions of three friends who are traveling down the East Coast with nothing but their skateboards and backpacks.

John, Charlie, and Sean are traveling from Virginia Beach, Virginia, all the way to Key West, Florida – and it is all to help fight cancer.

WTOC caught up with them as they passed through Savannah.

These guys are proving that skateboarding is no longer just a recreational thing. They are skateboarding for a cure. The boys say that all three of them have had family or friends with cancer, so it really hits home to them.

From start to finish, the trip is 1,386 miles and the boys are stopping at nothing. They say they have no pocket change, and they tell people they do not want their money; they just ask that they go to their website and donate to Relay for Life so that they can actually put money to the cause.

Things can get difficult for them as they have to camp out wherever they can find a place, whether it be a tree or a bush. They tough it out through the rain, throwing ponchos over their backpacks and putting their skateboards into trash bags.

These three guys are going the distance to help raise awareness in the fight against cancer.

The trio hopes to reach Key West by Christmas.

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