Editorial - 11/4/13

Census Bureau figures, just released from 2011, show that individuals who received means-tested government benefits actually outnumbered America's total full-time workers!  A benefit figure, further aggravated, today, by a declining full-time workforce and a still-sputtering economy.

Thanks to the aggressive Fed-hawking of hand-outs, we now have 48-million food stamp recipients, at an annual cost of $76-billion, set, at long-last, for a 13.6% reduction, as the re-gifting of tax-payer dollars from the failed 2009 "stimulus" ends.  Summing-up the grab for freebies, one writer said: "never have so many, been so dependent, on so few."  The core-problem, wrote a New Jersey clergyman is that (quote): "Almost half the population has no skin in the game.  They don't care about high taxes, or creating jobs, nor do they care, that the money for their free stuff, is being borrowed from their children and from the Chinese."

Hand-outs from the government were meant to bridge short-term need, not  fund a life-style.  Slow-growth policies don't trigger job creation, they intentionally grow dependency, with the ultimate freebie trade-off being full government control.  The lure of sweet syrup that, once tasted, turns into super-glue.  Dependency is a down-ward spiral, for nations and individuals.  For all, that is, except the socialist-elite, for whom the power becomes far too-addictive.  If substantial leadership changes don't occur in the elections ahead, a free-America will continue to splinter and decay, with its dazed-millions, riding an unstoppable, downward-spinning, merry-go-round, the brass rings, from which, long gone.