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WATCH at 6 PM: Protect your online identity

Watch Public Privacy at 6 p.m. this week on THE News. Watch Public Privacy at 6 p.m. this week on THE News.

Do you do a good job of protecting your identity? Some might not be doing as good a job as they think.

Starting Monday night, WTOC's Don Logana kicks off a weeklong series. He reports on daily activities we do on social media and online, which basically hand our identity to strangers.

Whether it's the bumper stickers on your car or photos you post on apps like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – found out how using these might be more public than you think. WTOC sat down with experts and viewers to find out just how easy we make it for thieves to rip off your identity...and invade your privacy.

Watch the weeklong special assignment public privacy starting Monday night on The News at 6 with some of the biggest social media no-no's - things we all do that put our identity and even safety - at risk. Do you have your own safety tips? Tweet them using #wtocpublicprivacy.

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