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Editorial Salute - 11/7/13

Two weeks ago, at a Sparks, Nevada middle school, a 12-year-old student opened fire, at the start of the school day, wounding two classmates, and killing a teacher, who'd stepped forward to protect others. The young gunman then took his own life.   The fault, not of guns, but of mental instability and delusion, acted out in a violent and senseless way, which for a host of home and societal reasons, has become both an issue and an excuse.

Forty-five-year-old math teacher, Michael Landsberry, was a former Marine, who had joined the Nevada National Guard in 2001, serving two combat tours with them.  He was a beloved and respected teacher, who lived by, and imparted to others, military and especially Marine Corps values.  Just two days before his death, he had recited the following service anthem, in part, to his wife (quote):  "I have seen death. It did not faze me, for I was different.  I was a warrior.  It was my destiny, until my last breath, to be a United States Marine.  And my spirit shall live forever."

His spirit will, indeed, live in the hearts and minds of so many whom he touched.  Master Sergeant Michael Landsberry was a genuine hero, both through his military service, and especially that October day, when he perished, shielding young students from harm.  He made this nation proud, as have so many in our midst, heroes, daily, here at home, and deployed in harm's way, those who've worn the uniform of our nation, to so-bravely defend America, and to preserve our precious liberty.  As Veteran's Day approaches, may Almighty God give eternal grace and comfort to all those who've served and sacrificed so that we, and others, might live in freedom. 

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