Medicine and Music

Did you know that Beethoven suffered from digestive disorders? One Coastal Empire doctor will be using Beethoven as a guest patient for his lecture on the subject and he'll also be using Beethoven's music.

Dr. Nicholas Costrini of Georgia Center for Digestive Diseases believes medicine and music share the common goal of making life better so he's putting his knowledge of digestive disorders and their treatment together on stage, and it's free.

Dr. Costrini, a Savannah Digestive Health Specialist has a love of music and acclaimed piano player, David Duckworth has a love of music, so they're teaming up for a Medicine and Music Sunday to help people suffering from digestive disorders. "To get a real handle on it I'm using Ludwig Van Beethoven, he had gastro intestinal symptoms throughout his entire life," says Dr. Costrini. He hopes those who suffer from the symptoms of digestive disorders and their family members will come hear his discussion on what he calls monumental progress in the care of these diseases, then stay for the concert.

A trio led by David will perform some of Beethoven's works and other classical and popular selections.

Patient Selena Wingate, from Jesup is benefiting from some of the newer medications. Diagnosed in her teens with Chron's Disease, it left her with no energy and stomach pains that she says just wouldn't ease off. "Keeping it under control is most important, that's where we've finally made progress," says Dr. Costrini. And it's that progress and other advances he wants people to know about. "We have ways to treat these problems.

Medicine and Music is this Sunday, October 10th, from 3 - 5 at Armstrong Atlantic State University Fine Arts Auditorium. It's free and open to the public.

Music will be provided by David Duckworth, pianist, Ricardo Ochoa, violinist, and Peter Berquist, bass violinist.

The event is sponsored by Georgia Center For Digestive Diseases.

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