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Backseat Baby Alarm designed to prevent caregivers from leaving kids in cars

The Backseat Baby Alarm. Source: WBRC video The Backseat Baby Alarm. Source: WBRC video

Children left inside a vehicle can die from exposure to the heat in just a few hours, even when the temperature outside is not especially hot.

It is a tragedy that kills about 30 children a year, according to the National Safety Council. It's happened at least twice in the last few months in Alabama.

A Calhoun County grand jury indicted an Anniston woman last week on charges linked to her 4-month-old son's heat-related death. Katherine Papke, 35, had been charged with manslaughter and leaving a child unattended in a vehicle, but the second charge was dismissed.

In Homewood this summer an 11-month-old girl died after being left in a car during the midday heat for more than three hours. The Homewood case is still being investigated by the Jefferson County District Attorney's office. The child's mother could still face charges.

In both of these cases, the moms say they did not realize their children were inside the vehicles.

There are dozens of products on the market designed to alert you to a child in the backseat. FOX News Investigative Reporter Ronda Robinson put the Backseat Baby Alarm to the test.

Joe Dorsey invented this product three years ago. It was his attempt to prevent this terrible situation from happenign again,

"It works just like your car works now to remind you that you left your keys in the ignition or forget to turn off your lights," Dorsey said.

Dantrell Bonner tried out the product. He has a young son, Dantrell Bonner, Jr.

When you get in and out of your vehicle, the Backseat Baby Alarm emits different noises as you get in and out of your car.

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