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Editorial - 11/11/13

Last week, a sports channel analyst, made reference to the Star Spangled Banner, as a "war anthem," seemingly disparaging it in general, but in particular, its association with American sporting events.  A far less political, far more correct and honest way to characterize our triumphant anthem, is to look upon "The Star Spangled Banner" as America's anthem,  not of war, but of freedom, as our young nation was forced to, first fight to achieve, then, all too soon, fight to preserve our liberty.

So rather than some historically-naïve, pouty-indignation over a self-described "war anthem,"  "The Star Spangled Banner," has become the song of our nation, a song of freedom, and a tribute to this mighty home of the brave.  Those brave, of course, the generations of Americans, who, when called, have relentlessly gone forth to grant and maintain freedom.  In this land of manufactured entitlements, freedom is not one of them.  Freedom must be earned, at high human cost.  Passed on to us, yet today, by our courageous military members who've served and sacrificed to preserve it. 

This Veteran's Day, and every day, we give thanks for America's military members, past and present, who've make our way of life possible, and especially those who've perished, or carried home with them, the wounds of righteous battle.  We must never stop caring for them and their families. For it is those who've so proudly served, who've held-high, and borne allegiance to, our beautiful flag, in both peace and war, who embody, now and forever, the very heart, soul, and courage of that "Star-Spangled Banner," our nation's proud symbol, and America's glorious anthem of sovereignty and freedom.



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