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Veterans helping veterans: Volunteers build ramp for Korean War vet


On a day in which we honor our nation's veterans, a group of volunteers, many of them who served their country came together to help one of their own. Monday morning members of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program or RSVP built a ramp for a Korean war vet in need.

Power saws and hammers echo on Veteran's Day morning as volunteers build a ramp for a disabled veteran who is 85 years old.

Berry Glenn, Jr. served in Korea. He retired from the Marine Base. His daughter Sabrina holds pictures of her father who is in rehab after suffering a stroke. "He's used to doing what these men out here are doing. But he knows he has some challenges ahead of him," said Sabrina.

Those challenges made easier, one nail at a time. These men are members of group, more like brotherhood, The Retired Service Volunteer Program, or RSVP they've built hundreds of ramps over the years for people like Glenn.

But today, on this Veterans Day, this project has an extra special meaning. "It gives you a good feeling."

Charlie Phillips, a veteran of World War II, is 90, but age hasn't stopped him from helping others. "You build these ramps and you see people come out and it's the first time they've been able to get out of the house. It's just gives them a good feeling I guess," he said.

These RSVP workers do it for free. They also represent all branches of the armed services. Just as they served their country.

 "He's going to be elated. He's going to be overwhelmed with joy," he said. They're serving their community. "The people we help, it gives them a good feeling. Everybody gets a little bit of pleasure out this. In the end a ramp was built for a veteran. Solid, like the bond between this band of volunteers who continue to serve.

For more information on the RSVP program. Contact the SOWEGA Council on Aging. They serve Lee, Dougherty, Terrell, Worth and Mitchell Counties.

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