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Team Rubicon sends veterans to Philippines for relief and support

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Relief efforts are already in place in the Philippines. The American Red Cross has sent teams and veterans from Georgia. Part of the national Team Rubicon have also deployed.

Sunday night, a group left for the country which was devastated by the typhoon.

Fifteen local veterans are part of Team Rubicon's relief efforts, from search and rescue to logistics and highly trained medical staff. These men and women help in disaster situations in the US and around the globe laying the ground work for relief aid working with federal and local emergency personnel.

They are among the first responders in the Philappines, where the situation has grown more grave and serious at a rapid pace since late last week.

"The breadth of the situation, I don't think will ever be really known until we get our people in there and start turning over rocks and see what the needs of the people are," Deborah Demarchis, retired Navy nurse and Team Rubicon spokesperson, Region 4, told WTOC. "We faced the same thing in Haiti after the earthquake. I fully expect things will be quite tough but they are all tough guys and women."

 The operation in the Philippines is called "Operation: Seabird." Team Rubicon also is in the middle of their annual fundraising campaign. You can learn more about Team Rubicon and donate to their efforts at these links.

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