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Disney characters, civic leaders and a jolly old elf get votes for Wilmington mayor

Mickey Mouse received two write-in votes for mayor of Wilmington. Mickey Mouse received two write-in votes for mayor of Wilmington.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Admit it. You've probably thought about it at the polling place.

You see the tempting section called "write-in" and you consider making a snarky selection when you're performing your civic duty. Perhaps, you want to make a political statement.

Regardless of the reason, 453 voters chose to write in a name for the single candidate race for Wilmington's mayor this year. For the record, Bill Saffo, running unopposed, was easily re-elected to the position.

However, on Tuesday, the New Hanover County Board of Elections released a spreadsheet of the names written in for this particular race and we have the results of the runner-ups.

By far, Wilmington's "man about town" Ricky Meeks, who has run unsuccessfully in the past for various positions, received the most write-in votes with 66.  Six others registered voted for Meeks but misspelled his name or called him something completely different, like Billy or Jimmy.

There were various protest votes against the current mayor, with several votes for "Anyone but Saffo" (3), "Anyone Else" (9) and "Anybody but Saffo" (1).

Several other well-known civic leaders received write-in votes for the office of mayor. Current and recently re-elected Councilman Charlie Rivenbark pulled in the most votes in that category (9), followed by former mayor, Harper Peterson (6) and council candidate Skip Watkins (6). New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cruised to re-election up north last Tuesday, but also picked up a single write-in vote for mayor in Wilmington.

There were several spelling-challenged voters casting write-in ballots for civic leaders as well. New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger received a few write-in ballots, although people spelled his name "Brian Burger," "Bryan Berger" and in one instance just "Berger."

There were also write-in votes cast for the following (with correct spellings in parentheses): DannyMcCombis (Former Representative Danny McComas), Ron Zapple (former New Hanover County Commission candidate Rob Zapple), Mario Pantano (Two-time Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano), Tom Golsby (State Senator Thom Goolsby) and two versions of the aforementioned Rivenbark with Charley Ravenbark and Chalie Rivenbark.

Talk radio show host Curtis Wright edged out talk radio show host Tyler Cralle, five votes to four, although each could get an additional write-in vote based on interpretations of the ballots for "Curis Wright" and "John Tyler Cralle."

And, finally, there are the votes for cartoon characters, deceased "Kings" and Hollywood tough guys. Bozo got the most support with four votes.

Daffy Duck is slightly more popular than Donald Duck, edging him out two votes to one. Mickey Mouse also pulled in two votes.

Also receiving one vote of support each from Wilmingtonians, Betty Boop, Thor, Carmen San Diego, (the) Great Pumpkin, Dora, Kermit the Frog, Sponge Bob and Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Hollywood Actor Chuck Norris, the King Elvis Presley and Author Ayn Rand.

Just to be safe, Santa Claus also received a write-in vote. It is unclear if that will move that particular voter on or off the naughty list this year.

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