Money Wise--Nourishing Your Skin, and Your Mind

If you're looking to make your skin look younger and feel great, then you might want to check out some of those new facial formulas. They have vitamins in them. But do topical vitamins work better than taking them orally?

Savannah licensed esthetician Michelle Turley said, "There are proven facts that topical vitamins can make a difference in the skin."

But it depends strength of the product. Turley has prescribed topical vitamins to her clients, like vitamins A, E, and C. "Things like that in very low concentrations will improve the overall quality of the skin," she said. "But, if you're looking for a face lift in a jar, you're not going to get that over the counter."

Instead, Turley recommends getting a product with prescription strength. "Dramatic changes come with dramatic dosages. And that should be done in a physician's office with a physician's supervision and licensed professionals."

Or a more cost effective option may be to talk with your doctor about oral dosages, because vitamins do have a way of working from the inside out.

If the product you're considering claims to use a certain ingredient to make it work. look at the ingredients list. If that item is buried at the bottom, chances are the product won't deliver on its promise.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,