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Editorial Salute - 11/14/13

As America has done magnificently, so many times in the past, the word Tsunami comes to mind, U.S. forces, equipment and materials are now rapidly-mobilizing, by air and sea, to aid the almost 10-million Philippine residents impacted by last week's massive and destructive typhoon.    

Among the first in from our military, United States Marines, critical to relief efforts with their amphibious ships, that bring with them helicopter landing pads, medical personnel, potable water capability, and amphibious-tracked vehicles, invaluable for penetrating badly-flooded areas of the country.  It's anticipated that the Marine contingent will grow, rapidly, to over 2,000, in addition to other troops, along with the arrival of the USS George Washington carrier group. 

Other nations will respond as well, when, and as they are able, but let the record show that, other than, in this case, the Philippine forces themselves, whether the need is humanitarian or freedom, no one delivers the personnel, know-how, materials, and commitment to assist, like the United States, and with the consistent willingness to do so.  Despite our series of foreign affairs stumbles, and with them, our eroding prestige and influence, when there's a crisis of epic proportion, anywhere among our allied nations, we're still the pre-eminent 911 first-responder.  As always, it's the United States military that's not only called upon, but who delivers the solutions and life-preserving goods, on-time, every time. Be proud of that, and thankful.  And remind those around you of that fact, when, once again, inevitably, and with consummate-ignorance, it becomes knock-America-time.

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