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Comcast basic customers find digital channels are scrambled


Some WTOC viewers are calling us saying they can't get local channels because they are all scrambled.

We called Comcast to get some answers. Comcast claims this was something they had warned basic customers about a while back when the big switch first took place in 2011. Two days ago, Comcast says they encrypted limited basic channels as permitted by the FCC's recent order.

They say most customers were not impacted because they already have digital equipment connected to their TV's. Meanwhile, there are some folks who are left without service.

Comcast says they are working with what they call a small number of customers to make it as convenient as possible for them to get the digital equipment they may need to continue watching limited basic channels.  

In addition to mailing letters to those customers, they have also shipped the necessary equipment to their homes to allow them to continue viewing their limited basic channels.

Some WTOC viewers still are upset about the rule lapse and they blame Comcast, including Walter Bowlen, who says "It still doesn't alleviate the problem of losing HDTV and having to pay double or more to restore it."

He questions the availablity of service now to lower income families. Comcast, again, says they are working with customers.

You can visit this link, where Comcast explains the problems and some solutions.

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