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InSITE--The Zoom View from Space!

Ever wish you could get, literally, a birds eye view? I found a place to go that's the next best thing. Start at Space and click to the zoom view photographs. Not real well indexed or searchable, but you'll enjoy just wandering around.

Here's the big picture, our planet from 22,000 miles up in space. This is the real thing, no computer simulation, and the colors are real. You can even look up in the sky, actually, the right hand corner, and see the moon, and off in the distance, stars. But the cool part is the zoom. You can take it all the way in, and then drag your mouse around the screen to move the image. Here's Florida, and Georgia, and down in the right corner, the beautiful blue waters of the Bahamas.

How about something a little more exotic? Look familiar? Probably not, maybe even not when we zoom in. It's the Taj Mahal from space. Starting on the left, at the bottom, the entrance, the view from the ground across the reflecting pool all the way to the majestic tomb at the top.

Another, more familiar view, this one is Washington, D.C. The Lincoln Memorial on the left, the Washington Monument. Zoom all the way in and see the National Mall, not a shopping center, and the new World War Two Memorial.

How's this one? Recognize it? Zooming way in, here's a sign. It's Daytona, just down the road. At 200 miles an hour anyway.

Wonder why it floods? Here's Venice, Italy, surrounded by water, and this is in a dry season.

Here's another, still soaking. It's Haiti, after the storms. This one is before and after. Before then Tropical Storm Jeanne on the left, after on the right. Zoom in some and you can see how it changed the landscape. In the before picture notice how close together all the homes and businesses are. So in the after pictures, it's no surprise that the flooding and mudslides did so much damage.

On to a very different island, very close to home. You'd almost call it a close up, they have a shot of Sea Island during the G- 8 Summit. It's just about as close as any of us got anyway.

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