Broughton Street Sinkhole Creates New Problem

Workers had to tear up this section of Price Street.
Workers had to tear up this section of Price Street.

There's still a hole on a busy Savannah street. Last Thursday, the road collapsed right underneath a Chatham Area Transit bus, and repairs are taking longer than the city first thought. Construction crews had hoped to be finished working on Broughton Street two days ago, but in the process they had to tear up another street, pushing back their deadline.

When the bus was moved, what was left was a ten-foot-deep gaping hole. Too much rain had washed away the ground underneath and broken the storm water drain.

The good news is the sinkhole on Broughton Street has been patched up. The bad news is, to reach it, workers had to tear up a section of Price Street.

Construction crews had to go so far back to tie into the storm water drain. Once the pipe is fixed, they can fill the new hole, but it hasn't been a quiet project.

Kelly Meagher lives right next door and and hears all about it every day. "It's been pretty noisy," she said. "A couple of days ago it all happened. Just during the day it's been noisy. We hear it a lot."

And cars and pedestrians have been detouring around it for almost a week.

"It's been awful," said student Kate Skinner. "I go to SCAD and coming down Price Street--I live off of Price--nd it's a real pain having to go around it every day."

"It's just been a big pain having to go around everything," said resident Elizabeth Levin. "It's a main road and having to go around it is pretty inconvenient."

That inconvenience has added up to lost customers for some businesses. Ruben Sarinana of Juarez Restaurant told us, "It has affected us at lunchtime a lot. Dinner has been off and on, but this weekend we've been a little slow."

The people who live and work around the area hope all that will change once traffic is given the green light to proceed on Price Street once again.

Construction workers told us they expect Price Street to be completed and reopened on Friday.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,