Editorial - 11/18/13

With over 90-million Americans, including retirees, no longer in the workforce, in just the last 5-years, $3.7-trillion has been spent on cumulative welfare, as we're now sacrificing our military strength to feed social dependence.  Apart from the excluded, duly-earned Social Security and Medicare benefits, life-style-by-government-redistribution is totally out of control and cannot be financially, let alone morally, sustained.

Though unacceptable to the left, realistic solutions exist, re-harnessing the  proven-power of free enterprise.  First: Get the Federal Government out of the way.  Knock off the purely-political, over-zealous regulation that paralyzes growth, like the EPA, currently under-mining, literally, traditional energy generation.  Related: initiate an era of rational, regulatory-consistency, providing predictability. Then: reduce corporate and individual taxes, allowing the private sector to expand facilities and employment.  All setting the stage for a true reduction in government dependence.  As the private sector rejuvenates, and with worker re-training monies available, the personal-responsibility clock re-starts, with physically and mentally-able  recipients, including those with faux-disabilities, all required to learn skills, seek and acquire jobs, weaning-off the full government dole, on a tailored-  schedule. Producing workforce growth, tax-collection increases, reduced welfare cost, and a far more fiscally and socially-sound nation.  Now, if only leftist politicians could see the merits in that scenario, rather than fawning over socialism's robotic-entrapment, the demise of the private sector, and the rise of class-warfare, all on a path to fiscal-insolvency.  Marxist dreams do, indeed, remain the nightmares of a democratic republic.