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Computer Store Burglar Caught on Camera


Police are looking for the man who broke in to Computer Pros on Skidaway Road last week. While the suspect got away with some items from the store, the crime was caught on camera.

Unfortunately, theft isn't new for Computer Pros.

Over the last 16 years, Jack Emmick's store has been hit six times, two in the last month. The break-in before this one, they even took the security system.

"You can only put up with so much for so long before you want to do more and be proactive," said Emmick.

This time, the security camera came through. Emmick only hopes its enough to catch the suspect.

"I'm very hopeful. I'm always hopeful. You see the movies, the bad guy gets caught at the end, and that just doesn't seem to happen in real life," said Emmick.  

Police are also investigating a different computer theft that happened at Sam's Club back in September. Detectives don't believe the two cases are related.

If you have any information, you're urged to contact police.

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