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Don't Throw it Away: How to make the most of leftovers

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Whether you plan on cooking for just a few relatives, or have a menu lined up for a grand feast, you can probably count on having some Thanksgiving leftovers once the holiday is over.

Jackie Ogden, a Family and Consumer Science specialist with the University of Georgia says leftovers are a great way to not waste food, but you have to be careful when you prepare them.

"Never take leftovers and put them on your counter," she said.

She suggests defrosting leftovers in the fridge or microwave, and making sure they are stored in the proper containers.

She also warns against reheating multiple times.

"If they're cooked they can go back to the freezer, but they can not go back and forth," she said.

Temperature is crucial as well. Leftovers should always be reheated to at least 165 degrees.

According to, leftover turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes can stay in the fridge for about three to four days.

On the other hand, Ogden says, gravy doesn't last quite as long.

"The gravies can only be used a couple of days after."

When it comes to leftovers during the rest of the year, Samantha Bartlett says she usually does the majority of her cooking for the week all at once.

"I do make a lot of big meals and kind of freeze them in portions," she said.

A tip that could not only save you valuable time, but money as well.

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