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Don't Throw it Away: Apps and websites to manage leftovers

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If you've ever been stuck with only a couple of food items in your fridge and you don't know what to cook, there's an app for that.

Linda Smith says every month she finds herself throwing away entirely too much food.

"Probably about $100-150, that's about average, and that's really sad."

Sometimes she buys food and doesn't get to it before it goes bad, and other times she simply forgets what she has deep in the fridge or pantry.

If this sounds like a problem you're guilty of, there's plenty of technology out there to help. Websites like and generate recipes based on what you have in your fridge. All you have to do is plug in whatever ingredients you have and you'll get instant results.

If you're looking for a tool you can use from the palm of your hand, check out apps like Freshbox and Fridge Pal. Freshbox allows you to keep track of the shelf life of your food, and sends you reminders before everything expires. Fridge Pal allows you to make grocery lists, use food before it goes bad, and plan your next meal.

Smith says using websites like these can help everyone do their part to stop wasting food.

"Try not to waste what you buy, because there's so many people that's hungry that needs food, you know."

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