Editorial - 11/25/13

Conceived by progressives as the necessary precursor to full-Federal take-over, the Affordable Care Act is not only unaffordable, but has little to do with care, and everything to do with control.  Healthcare is essential to quality of life.  Control it, and you control the population, as collectivism replaces personal freedom. We now know that the oft-repeated promise of keeping medical plans and doctors, was issued from the Land of Pinocchio. As proof, existing coverage is disappearing and insurance companies are quitting exchanges.  Even some doctors and hospitals, are being eliminated from revised coverage plans, including, says AP, New York's Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  Loses especially critical for those receiving highly-specialized care.  In sum, reduced choice, increased-cost, and for exchange registrants (quote): "no reasonable expectation of privacy."

The solution to this financial and moral train-wreck is total repeal, replaced by new, bi-partisan legislation prescribing: Insurance assistance for citizens with bona-fide financial need, providing more covered-care access, while helping to reduce hospital red-ink.  Truly affordable plans, with provisions tailored to need.  Re-regulation allowing insurers to sell competitively across state-lines.  And reinstating freedom of choice, returning responsibility where it belongs, to families, individuals, and doctors, not government.  Thus, reuniting the world's best healthcare and medical innovation, with the  insurance coverage actually needed, and all within the traditional, private-sector marketplace.  A CBS poll, conducted last week, found that only 7% of respondents want to keep this current healthcare Act.  The necessary step, then, is to repeal what's been forced upon us.  And replace it, now, with what America's citizens want, need, and deserve.