Laidlaw Begins Investigation into Georgetown Bus Wreck

Police have wrapped up their investigation into last week's school bus accident in Georgetown. Now Laidlaw officials are starting their own investigation.

On September 28, driver Margaret Brisbon lost control of the bus with a dozen Windsor Forest High students on board. The bus went off Wild Heron Road and flipped over. Several students were hurt, but none seriously.

"The investigative process starts from scratch," said Laidlaw spokesman Rufus Smith. "We've already been to the scene several times, but we need to physically look at the bus, we need to look at the bus to make sure there's nothing suspect. We owe that to the community to make sure the equipment is safe as well as the driver so we don't charge her for something she may not have had control over."

Police charged Brisbon with driving too fast for conditions and failure to maintain her lane. The case goes to court in December.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,