InSITE--Simple Shape-Up Suggestions

The site is "America on the Move." That's the point. Just get moving. No gimmicks, no magic, just a little work and a little change. Start with their overview so you know what you're getting into. They say what we know. Most of us just aren't too healthy. We eat too much, and exercise too little.

So how do you make it better? Simple. Eat less, exercise more. They make it easy. Take 2,000 more steps a day. It's about one mile. No big deal. Walk a few blocks, either all at once before or after work, or split it up through out the day. Might mean more time at the mall, or out in the sun. It adds up. Now for taking away. They say one- hundred- fewer calories a day will make a difference. How easy is that? One pat of butter. Hold a little bit of butter, start losing weight.

For the details, you do have to register. They ask some general questions, name, address, phone number, and very simple things about your exercise and diet. I don't know what happens if you make this stuff up. Your call.

I signed up. They want you to set start dates and goals, which is half the battle. It's a little like making a promise to yourself. Set those goals, and try to live up to them. Like walking the Appalachian Trail.

Now for the healthy eating part. Great suggestions here. Just click on the list of suggestions for each meal. This is pretty cool. Like breakfast. Drop down and look at all the ways you can drop one- hundred calories. Would you miss half a banana? Mind dropping to one- percent milk? Do either of those and you're on your way. Same for lunch, or dinner, dessert or snacks. Remember each is one- hundred calories. One a day, and it'll help. More than one a day, more improvements.

They have another list you can print out to help you along. Back to the page, note on the side, links to articles that will help along the way. Like this one on better shopping. It all starts at the grocery store. And you can probably knock out some of those 2,000 steps along the aisles.

If you need more suggestions on how to keep walking, there's another long list of little changes anybody, and I mean ANYBODY can do. A doctor in Colorado came up with all this, and it's working. They have groups all over the country, organizing to support each other in the effort. The idea is those little changes can mean a lot if they become good habits replacing bad.