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A couple took a leap of faith and dove into a warm bowl of oatmeal

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A couple took a leap of faith and dove into a warm bowl of oatmeal.

It was less than a year ago when Anthony Collova and his Girlfriend Kathy Brewer found a way to package a dream.

"I needed something to do and I had a dream," said Collova. "I was sleeping and I woke up from a dream where I was actually packing oatmeal, and um, I was supposed to move to Chicago with my girlfriend and starting a new business kinda changes things and at some point I just - I felt so strongly about this dream I had, I talked to Kathy, and I decided, well we decided together that we would stay in Arizona, not move to Chicago and put this together. It seemed like that good of an idea for us."

Now they operate a company called out of facility in Arizona. On the website costumers customize their breakfast blends by selecting a base, then add in various flavors such as red velvet or pumpkin and top it off with some dried fruits, nuts and sweeteners. Each bag is made to your exact specifications and shipped out.

"There's close to 100 different ingredients with the number of options you have, it equates to 22 billion combinations so every order is handmade by my lovely girlfriend Kathy," said Collova.
Proving dreams can come true and hoping by putting a warm bowl of oatmeal in others hands, they are enriching others mind, body and soul.

"I really think as long as you're able to focus on your end result and you have a dream and a vision, step by step you can get there, and we're not a very big company, is not huge, we're small but we're growing and I think a lot of people are following us and I'd like to think that people see my efforts on Facebook and they see what we're doing and it kind of brings them some- if they don't get inspired by the oatmeal, hopefully they get- or by the business- hopefully they get inspired by the oatmeal and they can at least enjoy that," said Collova. is also working on a hot truck filled with oatmeal that will be deployed to disaster areas to help feed the suffering. 

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