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WTOC Senior Active: Bubber Hodges

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We all could use Bubber Hodges' secret.

Not the one for staying active; the one for getting  the ball in the hole.

Hodges made a hole-in-one recently at Hunter Golf Club, his 10th in about 50 years of playing golf.

"If you play enough, it just happens,'' says Hodges. "I had one two years after I first started and later on, they kept coming and kept coming. "I think I've had three at Bacon Park, two at LaVida, four at Hunter and three out of town.''

At 82, Hodges works a couple days a week at Hunter and plays twice as many days.

"Just four days a week,'' he says. "We play Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday and Sunday.''

He has matched frequency with accuracy at Hunter, having played enough and well enough there to have aced each of the course's four par 3s.

He's made them on his birthday and with prizes at stake.

"I played at Santee one year,'' says Hodges, "and had a hole-in-one there and it was worth $1,000.

Even after 10 of them, they're still exciting for him and his regular playing partners.

"Oh, they holler,'' said Hodges. "Some of them do. Some of them say, 'Oh, that's usual.'''

Half a century ago, golf replaced baseball as Hodges' sport of choice, but now he chooses to play for more than the competition.

"I think it keeps you going,'' he says. "If I weren't playing golf, I'd be laying in the chair at this age. So, I like to keep going, that's all.''

It's no secret that's working. But what about that secret to all those aces?

"Hit it straight,'' says Hodges. "Hit it where you're aiming.''

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