Editorial- 12/2/13

In the domestic-wake of the DOJ's gun-running ploy, the over-zealous NSA, politically-manipulated IRS, and the intended federalization of American healthcare, our foreign affairs blunders continue, as well.  The latest, a supposed interim-deal effectively permitting nuclear-Iran to continue toward bomb-status, now with reduced sanctions, while, in return, Neville Chamberlain-esque western-allies got nothing but vapor, the ultimate diplomatic trick-no-treat.  Drawing on Churchill-at-war, the Wall Street Journal's  Bret Stephens summed-up this dangerous mis-calculation: "Never in the field of global diplomacy has so much been given away, by so many, for so little."  Thankfully, some members of our self-sedated Congress are, now, questioning this empty agreement, as America, once again defaults on its traditional world-leadership-status.  

This foreign-affairs-fantasy drives prior-foes Israel and Saudi Arabia, away from us, and into the unprecedented-arms of each other, determined to step-up their respective nuke deterrent.  Egypt, too, now contemplates nuking-up, with the help of its new ally, Russia.  Said American-educated Saudi Prince Talal: "The U.S. has to have a well-defined foreign policy.  Right now, you don't.  It's just complete chaos."  Meanwhile, American citizen, Saeed Abedini, is still jailed in Iran for preaching Christianity, a release that should've been included in the Iranian devil-deal.  That courageous Pakistani doctor, key to our take-down of bin Laden, shamefully, remains imprisoned in Pakistan.  And don't ever forget the murder of four brave Americans, abandoned to Islamic fanatics in Benghazi.  Clearly, we're telegraphing, to all, a new era of unhealthy passivity.  And make no mistake, as American resolve weakens, so does our security, and that of our citizens around the world, putting us all, even more at risk.