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Rescuers Search for New Home for Abused Dog

Roger needs a loving home. Roger needs a loving home.

Animal rescuers are dealing with a disturbing case of animal cruelty. Someone stabbed and mutilated a dog and left him in Daffin Park. Amazingly, the dog survived. Now, while animal rescuers search for the people responsible for his treatment, they're also hoping to find him a loving home.

Diane Cannon and her brother, Rollie, discovered the frolicky pup, named Roger, two weeks ago in Daffin Park. Roger had a huge gaping wound on top of his head where somebody stabbed the dog with a knife. The tormentors also cut off the dog's tail.

"I can't imagine what would spark anybody to do this to this dog, but its obviously an intentional act of animal cruelty," said Diane.

"How anybody could be so cruel? The pain this dog has gone through and suffered all the time he was by himself in the park, I just can't imagine it," exclaimed Save-A-Life volunteer, JoeAnn Rodriguez.

The Cannons took Roger in, and with the help of the Save-A-Life Pet Program, they nursed him back to health. Now, the two year old dog needs a loving home. Diane and Rollie have four dogs of their own and can't keep Roger. They've put notices in the paper, but so far, no one has stepped forward to claim Roger.

Diane is hoping someone will adopt him. "I just hope that he gets a good home. That he'll get to lay on the couch every once in a while and be fed treats, so someone makes up for what's been done to him," said Diane.

Save-A-Life volunteers say Roger is ready for adoption."He would be a good dog, even with people who have children. He's very loving," said Rodriguez.

If you are interested in adopting Roger, call Save-A-Life at 598-SPAY or visit their website at He will also be at PetSmart in Savannah next weekend from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Save-A-Life is also asking for donations to help pay for Roger's current and future medical bills. He still requires costly medical attention for his wounds and heartworm treatment. You can send donations to: Save-A-Life, 4 Rain Tree Lane, Savannah, Georgia 31411. The organization is posting a one thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction for whoever hurt Roger.

Reported by: Melanie A. Ruberti,

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