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NFL rejects firearm manufacturer commercial

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Daniel Defense CEO Marty Daniel Daniel Defense CEO Marty Daniel
Daniel Defense's commercial (Source: Daniel Defense) Daniel Defense's commercial (Source: Daniel Defense)

Of all the commercials you will be seeing during this year's Super Bowl, you won't see one that Daniel Defense attempted to run.

The local gun manufacturer had its request for commercial time during the game, in eight regional markets totaling $500,000, denied due to the NFL's restriction on advertising of firearms, ammunition and other weapons.

The league does allow ads from stores that sell guns and Daniel Defense does have a brick-and-mortar store, but the answer was unchanged, angering Daniel Defense's director of marketing Jordan Hunter, who said his company made sure no guns were shown in the ad.

"It was my intention to do a commercial that can run on mainstream TV,'' said Hunter, "and that shows we're your next-door neighbors, not fanatics as we're portrayed in the media.''

Hunter also cited the Constitution, but not the Second Amendment, that Daniel Defense is usually associated with.

"It's our First Amendment right,'' he said. "We're going to eventually get a national spot.''

During an interview on Wednesday morning, the company's CEO Marty Daniel felt that getting their brand in front of a Super Bowl demographic would open doors to future costumers.

"We think the Super Bowl fan has the same values that we do at Daniel Defense. We think that they are the same group of people as our costumers. We if we are going to do marketing and reach out to a group of people that has the same values as we do" said, Daniel

The Daniel Defense owner made it that being denied once will not stop the companies fight toward a future Super Bowl ad.

"At the end of the day we want to do business with the NFL, and we want to start a conversation about the Second Amendment."

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