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D.A.: Father killed over $1,250 a month

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The prosecutor painted a cold and greedy picture in the death of 75-year-old Kenneth Janes.

District Attorney Hayward Altman said the man's daughter and son-in-law killed him and hid his death to keep collecting his Social Security check.

"This was all about the $1,250 per month he received," Altman told WTOC.

Janes' daughter, Samantha Scott, pled guilty Wednesday to kidnapping and felony murder in exchange for other charges dropped in the case.

Scott accepted a sentence of life with the possibility of parole in exchange for testimony against her husband, Randy Scott.

"I am very truly sorry for what took place," the defendent said before beging sentenced. "I never meant for anybody to get hurt."

Altman told Judge Kathy Palmer that financial evidence showed the Scotts took money from Janes to the point he had purchased a bus ticket to run away from them in late 2012.

He said taxi records showed Janes made it to the Savannah Greyhound station and planned to escape to a son in Tennessee. Altman said the couple intercepted Janes at the bus station and somehow got him back in the car back toward Emanuel County.

Samantha Scott cried as Altman describe the internal injuries to Janes that the prosecutor said happened in a struggle on the trip back toward Emanuel County.

"At first, we had some question about where this case would be prosecuted because we can't determine where he was killed, but the law states the defendents can be tried where a body is found if there is question about where the victim was killed," he told the court.

Altman said the couple brought Janes back and buried him in a hole at a family cemetery in a remote part of northern Emanuel County and continued to collect his checks until their arrest in May.

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