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Editorial Salute - 12/5/13

Among the blessings of last week's Thanksgiving, much of the 3rd ID's 4th Brigade Combat Team soldiers were back home from Afghanistan in time for that special family-day, with the remaining due home by Christmas.  The first time in a long time that virtually all of the 3rd ID family will be back together at home-station in Hinesville, Savannah, and Columbus.

And in thankful economic news, the Georgia Ports Authority reported record-volume for October cargo, up a sensational 22% over the same month last year.  Said GPA Executive Director Curtis Foltz:  "Strong growth, new customer accounts, and additional harbor-deepening-funding announced, are all (very) positive signs (for) Georgia's ports."  Great news, as our ports, along with military, manufacturing, and tourism, continue to reign as key economic-drivers for sustained area growth.   

Across Coastal Georgia and South Carolina, we continue to have so much for which to be thankful.  The most basic, of course, our sovereignty as a nation and our freedom as individuals.  Despite the beliefs of the few, freedom is not an entitlement, a government-sanctioned birth-right to be taken for granted.  Our freedoms are a precious gift, bestowed and blessed by God, proclaimed and identified by our Declaration and Constitution, then delivered and preserved for us all, by the skill, commitment, courage, and sacrifice of America's military members who, through the generations, have placed the needs of our nation well above their own.  We hope last week's gatherings with family brought true enjoyment. And when thoughts turn, as they should, to our cherished freedom, remember it's that which makes every day in America one of profound thanksgiving. 



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