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Community Spirit--Sarah Copeland

Sarah Copeland Sarah Copeland

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. What are you doing about it? One woman takes it very personally. Her name is Sarah Copeland. If you don't know her, you've probably seen her in or around Savannah. She's the woman with the pink hair, and she's committed to do what she can to help others who are battling this horrible disease.

As Copeland's aunt battled breast cancer, she decided to show her support in a very dramatic way. "I thought instead of putting my name on a T-shirt, I'd color my hair pink," she told us. "It got such a reaction from people. People on the streets, people in the bank would ask me about my hair. It would allow me to talk to people about cancer."

She's been talking ever since, and encouraging others to do the same with the help of an organization she started in honor her aunt Libby. It's called LibLines. The nonprofit organization's goal is to spread the word about breast cancer and raise money for research.

Last Thursday's Chocoholic Frolic was just one of many events. More than 700 chocolate lovers came out to do their part. And Friday was Pink Hair Day. Many brought attention to the disease by dyeing their hair or wearing wigs. At the Crab Shack, the staff really got into the spirit. It was a fun way to spread a very serious message.

"We've had a lot of people ask why we have our hair pink, we kind of explain it and they are really interested in finding out more," said the restaurant's Deana Rausch.

"I'm very touched by it," said Copeland. "I think it is going to open a lot of doors for conversations and it's all about raising awareness and to see so many people get behind this idea and color their hair."

Copeland has also served as one of the Relay for Life co-chairs for the last two years. She's devoted to trying to save the lives of the hundreds of thousands of women and men who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. That's how Sarah Copeland captures the WTOC Community Spirit.

LibLines is also holding a bowl-a-thon next Saturday at 7pm at the Tibet Lanes on Savannah's south side. You must register first. Call 912.695.2364 or visit All of the proceeds will go to help support breast cancer patients.

For more information, call Becky Patrick at 912.826.0453 or 912.663.9095 or email her at

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