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Editorial - 12/09/13

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As D.C.'s vision for America continues to jump the rails of truly responsible, Constitutional, nation-first governance, compounding that void comes the communication-blunting, sky-is-falling, porcelain-bowl of political correctness, which once again, has over-flowed its rim. 

A Portland, Oregon elementary school principal has made the absurd determination that classroom references to that simple, unassuming American tradition, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, are discriminatory.  That's right, boys and girls, no matter how you slice it, mention of that generationally-beloved icon of American sandwiches, says she, is cross-culturally offensive.  And with that, we've just scraped the bottom of the PC jar. Apparently, far better to hammer-away at our real, trivial, or imagined differences, than to center-on the abundance of our commonalities, the power to unify all who are privileged to live here and partake in the bounty of blessings so readily available in America.  The reality, that, encouraging all cultures here, to assimilate, to adopt the fundamental customs, schooling,  and language of America, opens the proven-pathway to the rewards awaiting individual productivity and achievable-success.  By contrast, the demon of  political correctness magnifies differences, fueled by the societal-poison of manufactured-discomfort.  Creamy or crunchy, jelly or jam, it matters not. To ensure our nation's traditional strengths and liberties, our over-riding goal must always be maintaining our togetherness, our unity… one people, one America.  Time, then, to concern ourselves far less with Washington's Redskins, and far more with fringe-America's thin-skins.

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