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Healthcare enrollment issues continue


The struggle continues as people are still trying to register for health insurance on the Healthcare Exchange.

Bill Lucas, owner of Lucas Insurance took it into his own hands to help people get signed up.

Lucas says one of the biggest problems is the way the exchange was built for people to navigate through. That's why he held a health insurance seminar to help people get through the system.

Renee Couture says she spent almost ten hours at home trying to enroll. She says the biggest problem is that it's misleading. Once she would create an application and pick a plan, it wouldn't show subsidies.

Bill Lucas says the subsidies show up at a later point in the process so the costs that people are actually seeing in the early part of registration may not be what you have to pay.

That's discouraging a lot of people from even trying to sign up. Couture says it's expensive but she can't afford not to have it.

"I do think too, the deductibles are huge and the premiums are huge as well, and I know there are subsidies but those are for people earning between 100 and 400 percent of poverty level," said Couture.  "If you're under 100 percent you're screwed and if you're over 400 percent, well, I don't know what that's like."

Lucas says he's been in the health insurance business for almost 30 years and he says the average person cannot register. He recommends getting an agent to help you.

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