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Town of Yemassee tries to get new post office


One Lowcountry town is fighting to get its post office back.

People in Yemassee say they have found a new place that meets postal requirements but can't move in.

The Town of Yemassee has had to rely on a mobile post office for about the last six months.

They say there's no reason they can't get their mail under one centralized building.

Many people in Yemassee call this an "ice cream truck" rather than a mobile post office.

Business owner Jack Moore says it's not a convenient solution.

"They don't open until ten o'clock in the morning, they close at one for dinner and open back up at two and the people that's working don't have no time at all to get their mail," he said.

About a year ago, the town lost its old post office because of mold issues.

At least 12,000 people in the Town of Yemassee use the 29945 postal code.

"If you do the math, there's two to a household then that's 24,000 people that's doing without services they surely deserve," said Yemassee Mayor Jerry Cook.

Out of his own pocket, Moore built two units off US 17A for about $160,000 and has agreed to lease one as a post office.

"In this facility here, they can come in tomorrow and get going," added Cook.

But the town can't move in until the government gives them approval.

Cook says they've reached out to Congressman Clyburn and Senator Tim Scott's office for help, but they're still waiting for some relief.

"No one wants a temporary office. We want a full scale post office that we deserve," said Cook.

WTOC contacted the US Postal Service. They say the project is 75% complete, they have received Moore's paperwork and said the building space does meet the requirements, but there's no known timetable for how long it could actually take.

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