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Editorial Salute - 12/12/13

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Happy to report that the STARBASE Savannah program, along with all of the other STARBASE offerings in the nation, has been funded for Fiscal Year 2014.  Hardly a given in today's environment, but a recognition on the part of Congress of the genuine, cost-efficient value the STARBASE concept brings to area students.  To review, STARBASE is the program encompassing the STEM components (science-technology-engineering and math) that provides week-long classroom and hands-on experiences for area 5th grade students, with the objective of generating interest among these young people in continuing  science-based learning, leading many, hopefully, to go on to post-secondary study and careers in the STEM fields most needed by our nation. 

The Savannah STARBASE is hosted by the United States Army here on Hunter, providing a terrific, role-modeling, and secure learning environment, in partnership with the Chatham-Savannah Schools, now providing key in-school STEM opportunities beyond STARBASE, and with several area corporations, including most-prominently, Gulfstream Aerospace. 

Faced earlier this year with the very real risk of closure for lack of federal funding, our sincere thanks to Congressional leadership here in Georgia, and from around the nation, for making the continuation of this exceptionally-valuable, student-enriching, much-needed educational experience possible, both here and nationwide.  And our thanks and congratulations to the staff and foundation board of STARBASE Savannah for their commitment and grass-roots efforts to keep STARBASE viable, and here! 

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