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Editorial - 12/16/13

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T'is the season for those jolly Constitution re-writers to attack the religious displays and customs of Christians and Jews, the dominant faiths among the over-80% of Americans who profess a belief in God.  At South Carolina's Shaw Air Force Base a nativity scene, erected by chapel volunteers, was ordered removed when the Military Religious Freedom group complained that it was (quote) "a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution," which, of course, it is not.  Meanwhile, students at an elementary school in Texas were banned from having Christmas trees, references, or even the colors red & green at their PTA-sponsored "winter" party, so as not to offend anyone. And so it continues.

We've allowed this toxic combination of offending people by the religious sights, sounds, and symbols of the season, and the bogus claim of Constitutional violation to steam-roll the rights of the vast majority of Americans who choose to observe long-standing, Jewish and Christian, spiritual traditions.  Do note, if public-opinion still means anything to politicians, a recent Rassmussen poll found that 75% of adults support celebrating Christmas in public schools. Just 15% objected.  The First Amendment prohibits only state-established religion, like Anglican-England-of-old, while otherwise guaranteeing "the free exercise of religion."  It's leftist judges who've purposely, because they couldn't be that stupid, purposely distorted the clear, original intent.  How childish to think that exposure to Christmas cards, carols, trees, or even nativity scenes immediately a Christian makes.  But for those who do fear sudden-establishment and auto-conversion, suggest you cease giving family  Christmas gifts, to avoid the embarrassment of instant, new, little Christians running rogue through your home.  

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