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Motion hearing held for Rincon woman charged with concealing murder

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A woman charged with concealing a murder in Effingham County was in court Wednesday morning in Springfield. 

Kimberly Moretz, is charged with helping conceal Charlie Ray's murder. Authorities found Ray's dismembered body in Moretz's Effingham County home and more in a Jasper County storage unit Moretz rented.  Officials say Moretz's husband, Chad, killed Ray. 

Several days after the murder, Chad was in a standoff at his Rincon home where deputies shot and killed him.

On Wednesday morning, the state and the defense presented several motions that the judge will now have to consider. Two detectives with the Effingham County Sheriff's Office took the stand to testify about three separate interviews with Kimberly Moretz that took place after the January stand-off. One was conducted while Moretz was in the hospital. She was taken there after the stand-off because she was injured. The second interview took place immediate after she was released from the hospital. She was not under arrest during either of those interviews. The third interview was conducted after she was taken into custody.

The prosecution argues that these should be allowed because Moretz was coherent, talkative, and in no way was threatened or bribed into talking. The detectives testified that she spoke freely.

The defense wants the interviews thrown out because they say Kimberly Moretz was in no state to be interviewed. She was under the influence of pain-killers; she had broken ribs, and had just watched her husband, Chad, be shot and killed. They also argued that Moretz did not make those statements voluntarily.

Two other motions were filed. The Defense wants the judge to consider a medical assessment that says that Moretz deals with PTSD and Battered Women's Syndrome. The prosecution does not want the judge to allow that.

The defense also asked state prosecutors for a more detailed indictment.

The judge will now take a few days to determine what he will and will not allow if and when the case goes to trial.

Neither attorney wanted to comment. No trial date was set.

Ray's 36th birthday would have been Thursday.

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