Marine Recruit Reunion This Weekend

It's the last stop before they hit the place that turns young men into Marines: Roy Hughes' grocery store in Yemassee. It's right across the street from the train station. From there the tracks lead to Parris Island and recruit training.

Hughes watched hundreds of Marines make the journey, and then come back years later to retrace their steps, share stories and ask questions. So last year he decided to organize a reunion for Marines from all over the country. It was so successful, he's doing it again.

"It's just to honor all the guys that came through Yemassee," he said. "If you could talk to them the way I do, you'd see how it touches them to come back to this reunion and that's why we do it, to honor them."

The reunion's Saturday evening at 6pm at Finnel Elementary School in Yemassee. It features dinner, dancing and speakers. And it's all free. For more information, call Roy Hughes at 843.589.3385.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,