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Money Wise--Portable Music and Video

The sound of silence seems to be vanishing these days. Portable music and video devices have made it easy to carry concerts and movies with you where ever you go. But which ones are worth your money? Good Housekeeping magazine has a guide to picking the right portable players for you.

For music on the move, the Apple iPod mini was the top pick. "It had a great sound, the finest sound of all the MP3 players that we looked at," said Andrew Farhat, an engineer for the Good Housekeeping Institute. "It had a great, easy-to-navigate menu to locate all your play lists, your artists, songs. And it holds around a thousand songs."

If you love to play sports, or exercise, the MP3 player from Panasonic can keep you in the running. "It comes with a Velcro strap that allows you to put it on your arm, so if you're jogging or working out, you can have it right there with you," said Farhat. "It didn't skip, it had a very good sound."

If you want video with your audio, a portable DVD player from RCA might do the trick, especially for those long car trips. "It has a nice seven-inch screen, giving you a nice picture," said Farhat. "No skipping at all, which is very important. Overall very good picture and sound."

Finally, you can be entertained for a long time with the RCA Lyra jukebox. At $450, it's easy to use, and, "It has everything from MP3 player to watching your movies or sitcoms, to holding your photos. If you want to record your favorite TV show, you simply plug this into your TV and then hit record when your program begins."

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,

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