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Jury deliberates in Shan Cheley murder trial

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A jury continues to deliberate whether a man is guilty of malice murder.

Shan Cheley has been on trial all week. He's accused of raping and murdering 18-year-old Amber Deloach. Her body was found in the trunk of a burning car on Sep. 30, 2012.

During closing arguments Friday, the defense drilled home that Amber consented to going back to Cheley's house and that someone else murdered her after she took Cheley back to his car.

The prosecution explained the evidence adds up and it points to Cheley as the murder.

The prosecution recapped all the evidence and witnesses they brought in this week.

The prosecution says one of their best witnesses was one of Cheley's jail mates who said Cheley admitted to killing Amber but the defense says he just said that as a ‘get out of jail free card.' They said Cheley never admitted to killing her to anyone else.  

The prosecution replayed the surveillance video that shows Amber's car driving through downtown and then you see Cheley walking toward the gas station with a gas can. Minutes later, investigators say the car was burned.

The prosecution reminded the jury that Cheley's story kept evolving in the first interview he had with investigators. The prosecution says he was lying and trying to cover up the truth.

The defense says race was a factor. Cheley was afraid to admit that he had been with a young teenaged white girl because he thought it would have looked bad.

One of the biggest questions the defense had to answer: How did Amber's blood get inside Cheley's house?

"It got on the carpet during sex," said public defender Falen Cox.   

The prosecution says that's not what the evidence shows when investigators applied Blue Star throughout the house, a chemical used to detect blood and DNA.

"You see drag marks where the Blue Star reacted," said prosecutor Jennifer Guyer.

After three hours of giving their last words, the prosecution and the defense asked the jury to think about the lives of both Shan Cheley and Amber Deloach.

"Evaluate the evidence, be fair, be impartial, return a verdict of not guilty," said Cox.

"There is nothing any of us can do to bring her back to her family, we can't do that but the twelve of you can give her justice," said Guyer.

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