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Editorial - 12/23/13

These are the days we enjoy hearing and singing our traditional sacred-songs of the season. Perhaps none more revered than "Silent Night," a poem written in German, set to music, and first performed on Christmas eve, in a small village church, in Austria, in 1818.  Spreading across Europe, it came to America in the mid-1800's.  Translated into over 300 languages, Silent Night might justly be the most recognized Christmas carol in the world. 

That said, make way for some left-headed lunacy.  For the holiday concert at a Long Island school, it was decided, on the pretext of not offending anyone, that all of Silent Night's religious references would be removed, then performed by 5th graders in its secular-sanitized form, insulting both sacred tradition, and those who heard it.  If upsetting anyone is the real concern, or merely the cover, then why not just sing songs about snow, or about a genetically-altered reindeer? We've simply got to stop worrying about offending those who invent reasons to be offended.  If one is truly disturbed by America's proud and lasting Judeo-Christian traditions, then one needs to avoid them, get over it, or seek another land.

"Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright.  Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child, holy infant, so tender and mild, sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace.  Christ the Savior is born! 

To our friends of the Jewish faith, we hope your recent Hanukkah celebration, the festival of lights, was one in which family and friends shared, once again, its historical, and faith-filled significance.  For Christians, the most sacred day of world-changing birth is, now, upon us.  Our best wishes during this very special faith and family-focused time. No matter how hard others may try, it's simply impossible to remove Christ from the true meaning of Christmas.

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