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Man fulfills promise, gives 5 Savannah boys college scholarships

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Jim Hickey made another trip to Savannah Thursday to let five local boys know, when they're ready, their college educations would be taken care of.

Hickey met the boys and their dad, David Brantley, in 2009 on his fourth attempt to walk across America for cancer research.

Brantley was battling testicular cancer and asked Hickey to take care of his boys. Four years, and many miles later, he has been able to get scholarships for 11 children who have lost a parent to cancer, with five of the 11 scholarships going to the Brantley boys.

"What daddy said to him, take care of us, that he would actually keep that four and a half years later," said Sean Brantley. "I think that's really good for us and show us that just because it's been a long time, not to give up on things."

"It's overwhelming," said Hickey. "I'm kind of speechless that I've been able to do this and it's not really just me, it's everybody who got involved with my walk along the way, who helped me continue, who believed in what I was trying to do, so it's really everybody from that first step until now who have had a part in this happening."

Hickey has walked more than 7,700 miles in his first five attempts to walk across the country.

His sixth attempt will begin right here in Savannah.

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