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Financial experts warn target customers

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Target continues to investigate after hackers stole debit card pin information during a security breach that happened between Black Friday and December 15th. Target is assuring customers that their pin numbers are safe but according to some financial experts, your information could still be a risk.

Target released a statement saying that the information was fully encrypted at the keypad and it remained encrypted within the system, even after it was hacked.

Target says it's unlikely that the hackers would be able to unscramble the data but financial experts say the problem is, you only need four characters.

There are about 10,000 different combinations that you can do in order to get it. So even if you shopped there during that time and haven't had a problem, you could still be a victim.

"Change your pin number. Call your bank and get a new card, that's the easy way to do it," said David Kennedy. They say you have fraud monitoring and monitoring detection that they are putting in place there. As a piece of mind, just change it so you don't have to deal with it."

I caught up with several target shoppers on Saturday who say they are already being proactive.

 "We contacted the credit card company and they told us not to be overly concerned," said John Marcantonio.  

"I might actually think about getting another card anyway and I'm changing my pin because my pin has been the same for years and years," said Sandra Anthony.  

"There's a possibility that our pin numbers might not be secure but I feel like anywhere we shop nowadays, we have the possibility to be scammed," said Michelle Rouzer.

Some of the people I spoke to were amongst the estimated 40 million customers that were impacted but they said that's not stopping them from shopping. Some say they are just using cash while they wait on their new card to come in.

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