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Flu virus turns deadly in South Carolina


At least six people in South Carolina have died from the flu virus which is nearly triple the deaths that have occurred in Georgia, according to the Georgia Department of Human Health.

 One local doctor says even people who have gotten flu shot are getting sick.

Dr. Jerry Williams is the owner of Urgent Care 24/7 and he says this happens every year but in the last couple of weeks, they have seen the number of sick patients spike through the roof because of the holidays.

"People forget that influenza is a very dangerous virus," said Dr. Williams.  

Dr. Jerry Williams says usually the flu can be more deadly for people with compromised immune systems, but from what he has seen so far this year, that is not the case.

"My understanding is there have been a couple of patients who died who had no other illnesses," said Dr. Williams. 

According to the CDC, the most prevalent strain this year is the H1N1 virus, also known as the Swine Flu, which hits younger people the hardest.

"High fever and what I call bone crushing body aches," said Dr. Williams.  

Even though the vaccine isn't always a guarantee, he encourages everyone to get a flu shot.

"It is critical that you get your flu shot, especially if you have another illness that could make you more susceptible to a severe influenza infection," said Dr. Williams.  

Flu season goes through March, and Dr. Williams says it is not too late to get vaccinated. He says once you get it, it takes about three weeks for the vaccine to be 100 percent effective.

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